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Enterprise culture

Company declaration

Raised the sails of life, our departure; bearing liveliness, we walk in the rain; we bear, Rong Guangzhong created a miracle we humbly, ming! Future achievement ming. Like the sea, like the broad mind, like a river into the sea. With passion, confidence, with soft silky sincerely, opened up a piece of the sky, a person, a new world opened the first person.

Let the eyes of the world to focus, let a space repeatedly extended ming! Add a little color, concentrated a feeling, Ming one technology to create a better life and safety!

Corporate motto

Team innovation, to the pinnacle of success; passion dedication, to share the joy of success;

The wind before the trip, enjoy the journey of hardships; the difficult endeavor, listen to the pace of progress.

Advertising language

Perfect technology, to create a perfect life

Interpretation trademark

Focus on quality, service, the perfect embodiment of focusing;

Work with enthusiasm, team cohesion, to create first-class.

The spirit of enterprise

Innovation dutifully dedicated team

Close cooperation spirit, give Ming technology unlimited vitality;

Conscientious attitude, create a perfect product quality ming;

Selfless dedication spirit, create Ming Technology of super team;

Passion is the spirit of innovation, promote the continuous leap Ming product.

Business purpose

Survive by quality, technology and development, to perfect reputation

Refine on production details, be strict in one's demands, work hard rigorous, Ming one his own lifeline;

Forward thinking, leap in innovation, flying in passion, Ming who steers his sails;

With the mood to experience, with feelings to communicate, to service with enthusiasm, sincere friends respect won first person.

Service concept

Responsible for the integrity.

Integrity is our fundamental, Ming who is willing to work with customers to create a win-win situation;

I was responsible for the commitment, Ming one who would guarantee for you by heart;

Sweet is my pursuit, Ming one sincere service for you.